Print Smearing
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Print Smearing

To avoid print smearing, be sure you are using genuine Avery Products.

  • When using an inkjet printer, use only Avery inkjet products.
  •  When using a laser printer, use only Avery Laser products.

Print smearing is usually caused by using a laser product on an inkjet printer. If you are not sure if you have a inkjet or laser printer, you can usually find this information by entering the printer make and model in a Google search. A general rule is that if you change ink cartridges, your printer is an inkjet. If you change large toner cartridges, it is a laser printer.

After confirming you are using the right product for your printer:

  • Click print and under Properties or Preferences, change the Paper or Media setting to Labels or Cardstock
  • Select Best Quality printing. 
  • There are many makes and models of printers, so if you are unable to find these options, we recommend contacting your printer manufacturer for specific print settings

Note:  if you are printing glossy or gold or silver foil labels, you will want to select Label paper type setting to prevent smearing. We also recommend feeding one sheet at a time and allowing the label sheet to dry for 30-60 seconds after printing. 

If you need more help, please contact our Care Team by calling 800-462-8379 or using the chat button.


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