Converting Apple Contacts To A Csv File For Merge
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Converting Apple Contacts to a CSV File for Merge

There's a two-step process to move Apple Contacts lists to CSV files so they can be merged.

1) In Apple Contacts, select the list and choose Export as vCard.  Save this file and remember where you saved this file so you can navigate to it in the next step.

2) Go to

Note: No download is required to use this online converter.  Don't use any other third-party software for this unless you know the publisher.
3) Browse to find your file4) Use the dropdown arrows to set Format to CSV and change Tab to Comma5) Uncheck the Filter that says vCards with email only6) Click the convert button 

Your file should now be in your Downloads folder as a CSV file that you can merge with in our free Avery Design & Print Online 

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