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Buy Avery stickers online in the exact shape, size & quantity you need. With Avery, sticker printing is a breeze. You can order top-quality blank stickers on sheets, sticker project paper or premium custom stickers individually cut or on rolls. All are made with superior materials & adhesives. Easily personalize your stickers online using our free sticker templates, then do your sticker printing yourself or let Avery WePrint do it for you.

Stickers made easy

With Avery, sticker printing has never been simpler. You can order premium custom die-cut stickers or printable blank sticker paper in the exact shape, size, material and quantity you need. Whether you want DIY sticker sheets or professionally printed custom stickers, we have the best sticker options to get your project done right. We have custom stickers, decal stickers, planner stickers, logo stickers, whatever you're searching for.

Choose from our blank stickers that you can order by the sheet in a variety of materials, our retail packs that offer set packaged quantities of sticker project paper, or our premium custom die-cut stickers from Avery WePrint, our professional printing service.

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Stickers or labels, what do you need?

Do you need stickers or labels?

Most people use the terms stickers and labels interchangeably, and that's perfectly ok. But because Avery invented self-adhesive labels, we're kind of "sticklers" about the terms. You can read the difference between stickers and labels but in short, a label is used to identify a product or an object, while stickers are usually the “hero” all on their own, often used to promote a brand, cause or team.

But all that being said, generally the majority of sticker applications are actually labels. If you are using something like planner stickers, you're using labels. But if you need individual die-cut stickers that come in a stack to sell or to promote your business, then our custom stickers are what you need. Otherwise, with Avery, you can create personalized stickers on your choice of printable materials or buy them from our custom printing service in minutes. It's sticker printing made simple.

How to make custom stickers

If you want to order individual die-cut stickers for your business, club or sports team, then Avery WePrint custom stickers are what you need. WePrint custom stickers come individually die-cut to the exact shape and size you want. Simply upload your artwork or use one of our free templates and we'll do the sticker printing for you.

With WePrint, not only do you get top-of-the-line custom stickers, but unlike other sticker companies, we have no minimum orders, setup fees or charges for custom shapes and sizes. Simply place your order and we'll deliver premium die-cut stickers to your door in as few as three business days.

how to make custom stickers

How to make your own stickers

How to make your own stickers

If you want to create DIY stickers, Avery blank label sheets and sticker project paper are your answer. They're compatible with standard laser and inkjet printers and they come in a variety of materials to fit your project.

We offer a wide variety of options to help you make your own stickers. Check out our planner sticker variety packs for easy handwritable planner stickers. Or try our clear labels to print your own decal stickers. With Avery printable stickers, the choice is yours.

Easily customize & order your stickers online

Using the free Avery design tool and templates you can easily create personalized stickers in just a few minutes. We offer thousands of free sticker templates you can customize the way you want, or you can also upload your own artwork or imagery.

Check out our sticker template gallery that you can customize for your small business products and packaging. Or pick a free template based on your sticker shape and size. Whether you're ordering our custom die-cut stickers or you're doing the sticker printing yourself, it's easy with Avery.

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