Avery Ultra Tabs are the extra durable, repositionable, smudge-free* tabs. You can write on both sides of the tabs with most pens, pencils and highlighters. The see-through writable body sticks securely and removes easily, but holds strong enough to turn pages. Perfect for indexing, referencing, marking and flagging your books, planners, magazines, journals and more. Available in a variety of styles and colors, Ultra Tabs are hassle-free organization for home, office and school.

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Check out the many ways you can use Ultra Tabs for your everyday organization.
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Multiuse Tabs

Great for organizing, indexing and marking books, documents, notebooks and more.
74753 & 74756 (neon pink, green, orange) Packs of 24 and 48
74754 & 74757 (primary red, blue, green) Packs of 24 and 48
74772 (primary blue, orange, yellow) Pack of 24
74755 & 74758 (pastel blue, pink, purple) Packs of 24 and 48

Mini Tabs

Smaller size makes them ideal for indexing, flagging and referencing—more durable than flags.
74759 & 74762 (neon pink, green, yellow, orange) Packs of 40
74760 & 74763 (primary red, blue, orange, green) Packs of 40 and 80
74761 (pastel purple, pink, blue, green) Pack of 40

Big Tabs

Bigger tabs offer more room for adding extra text or larger writing.
74764 (neon pink and green) Pack of 20
74765 (primary blue and yellow) Pack of 20
74766 (pastel blue and pink) Pack of 20

Tab & Note Tabs

Larger see-through body allows for note taking and tabbing all in one place.
74770 (neon pink, green) Pack of 12
74771 (primary blue, yellow) Pack of 12

Margin Tabs

Slimmer body fits within margins of books and documents without interfering with text.
74759 (neon pink, green, orange, yellow) Pack of 24
74760 (primary red, yellow, blue and green) Pack of 24
74761 (pastel blue, pink, purple and green) Pack of 24

Designer Tabs

Stylish designs that make indexing, marking and referencing documents quick, easy and fun.
74776 (blue, pink, purple) Pack of 24
74773 (blue, green, pink) Pack of 24

Filing Tabs

Great for organizing everything from documents, files, notebooks and more.
74775 (red, blue, green) Pack of 24
74776 (white) Pack of 24

Clip & Go Carrier

Four-hole punched to fit into any standard or mini binder.
74779 (pink, green, yellow, orange) Pack of 56
74780 (red, green, blue, yellow, orange) Pack of 56