Hi-Liter – The Original Highlighter

The Hi-Liter is The Original, and from Avery, the name you can trust. Easily highlight or underline words and phrases with brilliant, nontoxic color. A must-have for back to school, home and office. Perfect for textbooks, planners, budgets and more.

4 thoughts on “Hi-Liter – The Original Highlighter”

    1. Hi Samir,
      Our Hi-Liter markers don’t last forever. They eventually run out of ink or if they are old, they can also dry out. If you recently purchased them and they’ve had little use, please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-942-8379 for help.

  1. To whom it may concern ,
    I recently purchased a pencil like hi-liter an a fat hi-liter and was not happy an i will explain why . This problem nearly caused a major citation with my husband’s business . We use to hi-liter to mark the gallons an the state daily that it was purchased in for his truck to file his ifta every quarter. At end of quarter I went to tally all his gallons the hi-liter had completely blacked out his gallons. This is not a good cituation.
    Obviously there is a problem with your hi-liter mixture or something during this happening I can not take the chance of it happening again . Sorry.
    What if this was a hi profile lawyer cause an they were relying on these hi-lited spots to be seen . An instead they were a brownish green solid color that could not be read.
    I do hope this helps you figure out your problem

    1. Hi Darlene,
      We’re so sorry to hear this. Please call our Care Center at (800) 462-8379 so we can get some more information for our Quality Team and try to make this right for you.

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