DIY Wedding Table Markers

Wedding Table Markers

Bottles of wine can turn into eye-catching (and budget-friendly) centerpieces for your wedding reception. And not only are they pretty to look at, they can be functional, too! Here are three DIY ways to put those fancy bottles to work at your wedding.

Wedding Table Markers
No need to worry about these labels smearing or ripping. Avery Removable Durable Labels (22827) resist moisture, scuffing and tearing.

Create wedding table numbers to guide guests

These wine bottle wraps help guests find their table and are simple to customize with designs to match your wedding theme. Whether the look is rustic, elegant, vintage or modern, it’s easy to personalize Avery Removable Durable Labels with free design templates on Avery Design & Print. Then, you can choose to print them yourself or have them custom printed for you by Avery WePrint™, our professional printing service.

Wedding Table Markers DIY
Label your table décor with a professional, full-bleed look. With Avery Removable Durable Labels (22827) you can display vivid color and sharp text that extends all the way to the label’s edges. Add table numbers with Scallop Round Tags made of quality cardstock (80503).

Display the designated guests assigned to each table

Time for guests to wine down and enjoy the celebration! These wine bottle labels serve as table numbers and as an alternative to using place cards, they let guests know who will be seated at each table.

Wedding Table Markers
Create customized frames around your menu with Avery Removable Durable Labels (22827) and free templates on Avery Design & Print.

Showcase the wedding menu

What pairs well with any wine? Food! Give guests a peek at the wedding menu by printing the courses right onto the label. Another idea is to print the reception program onto the label to share what’s in store for your special occasion.

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