Customer Spotlight – Willow’s & Co.

Willow's and Co. organic body products

How our Celebrating Great Labels contest winner got their start

Willow’s & Co was started when the Morin’s daughter Willow was born in 2018. Their newborn was constantly getting red bumps after taking a bath and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The couple decided to take a closer look at the ingredients in their everyday soaps, and they were shocked when they saw all the chemicals included and they couldn’t pronounce many of the ingredients.

After doing a ton of research, they decided to try making their own soap. They created their first organic bar, now known as the Honey & Oats Bar. Ever since changing to their homemade organic soap, Willow hasn’t had any issues with her skin.

The couple decided to share their organic soap success with the world and have slowly started building their body product business. They’ve expanded their product line to now include soaps, body butter, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and hair care. They offer seasonal scents like Frakensoap, Candy Corn, and Apple Pie Bar, as well as regular scents like Sage and Juniper and Lavender and Vanilla.

We have seen so much support and love from all our customers! We never expected our company to grow the way that it has over the last year and a half of selling our products.

The Morin Family

The couple recently created their own website to make shopping for their products easier and to help them continue growing. They started offering contactless pickup options as well.

Willow’s & Co. uses Avery to print all of our labels and business cards. They generally use white and clear film labels that can hold up to moisture and oils.

Currently, the business uses Avery blank labels that they design and print themselves using free templates. They hand label all their products, with hopes of eventually growing enough to start ordering professionally printed labels from WePrint.

Author: Melanie Neff

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