Safety Signs and Labels Line Expanded: New Avery Industrial Solutions

Brea, California – April 26, 2021: Avery Products Corporation has expanded their line of printable safety signs and labels to include outdoor adhesive vinyl and retro-reflective materials. The two new industrial-grade materials compliment the existing Surface Safe™ products by offering outdoor capabilities and enhanced visibility.

Surface Safe signs and labels have been implemented by safety, compliance and operations professionals for quickly creating and printing indoor signage onsite. For example, OSHA/ANSI safety signs, COVID-19 protocols, 5S/6S processes, facility access signs and much more.

The new adhesive vinyl safety signs and labels build on the legacy of Surface Safe by offering the same benefits of being printable onsite with standard laser printers, but also lasting up to two years outdoors and are engineered for tough surfaces. The retro-reflective signs and labels similarly last up to two years outdoors, but also feature glass-bead retro-reflective technology for increased visibility in low light conditions.

Made with durable polyester film, the introduction of Surface Safe signs and labels, addressed the needs of industrial users to be able to quickly post a variety of messaging. From critical safety and operational information to simple notifications, Surface Safe removable adhesive products were ideal for heavy-duty workspaces where taping up a piece of paper would not be serviceable due to wear and tear.

“Now we’re seeing that a similar need is there for quick, onsite signage that can last outdoors and in specific conditions like low-lighting. We’re excited to be introducing extremely durable adhesive vinyl signs and retro-reflective signs that you can print onsite from the same laser printer you use for everything else,” said Colwin Chan, Marketing Director for the Industrial Business Group at Avery Products Corps. “And of course, we’re applying the same philosophy of providing customizable OSHA/ANSI safety sign templates and other great design tools in our online software that make it easy to create custom signage in minutes.”

In terms of specific durability, the new adhesive vinyl signs and labels are made from conformable 3.4 mil vinyl. Backed with ultra-strong permanent adhesive, the vinyl products work on surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, wood, cinderblock and concrete. They’re also waterproof and resist UV fading, chemicals and abrasion.

Avery reflective signs and labels use durable polyester film with glass-bead retro-reflective technology to reflect light back at the same angle it’s received to provide superior visibility for safety signage and long-range barcode scanning. The ultra-strong permanent adhesive works well on many surfaces and overall the reflective signs and labels are UV, chemical, water, abrasion and tear resistant.  

Both the adhesive vinyl and reflective products come in 3.5 " x 5", 5" x 7" and 7" x 10" sizes to accommodate labeling and signage needs. Additionally, the  adhesive vinyl signs and labels are available in blank white, blank yellow or white with preprinted OSHA/ANSI headers to make creating safety signs and labels even easier.

Learn more about Avery Industrial safety signs and labels and the customizable templates and design tools available in Avery Design and Print Online.

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