Avery Strengthens GHS Solutions with New GHS Wizard® Subscription Service

Avery Strengthens GHS Solutions with New GHS Wizard® Subscription Service

Brea, California – March 9, 2021: Avery Products Corporation has launched a new subscription service for creating custom GHS labels in minutes. The enhanced GHS Wizard online software includes over 300,000 substances with data powered by Chemwatch, a leading provider of chemical and SDS management systems, as well as regulatory data.

The GHS Wizard is an online tool that is built into the Avery Design & Print Online (ADPO) label-editing software, which is a cornerstone of the Avery user experience. It makes what was once a complicated and tedious task simple by walking the user through the process of creating OSHA-compliant GHS chemical labels. Creating compliant GHS labels for primary and secondary containers helps ensure employees understand the dangers associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace. 

“By including instant access to over 300,000 substances powered by Chemwatch, the new GHS Wizard subscription provides safety professionals with a simple, yet powerful tool to create GHS labels for an incredibly wide range of chemicals,” said Colwin Chan, Group Product Manager at Avery Products Corp. “Complying with HazCom labeling standards and keeping workers aware of the potential hazards of workplace chemicals has never been faster or easier.”

The new GHS Wizard subscription service allows safety professionals to easily create GHS labels for over 300,000 chemicals and substances in under five minutes. This includes pure substances, mixtures and popular branded chemicals. The included database is searchable by CAS number or product identifier, and autofills the professionally designed label template with required chemical information, including:

  • Product Identifier
  • Signal word 
  • Hazard statements 
  • Precautionary statements 
  • Pictograms

Once autofill is complete, users can reference their SDS and make adjustments by adding or removing hazard statements, precautionary statements and pictograms. In addition, both English and Spanish statements can be added to create a bilingual label. Once in the editing canvas, they can customize the label as needed by editing text, adding symbols, images or logos, as well as barcodes or QR codes that link to SDS on the web. 

“The opportunity to partner with Avery has created a convenient way for more users to have access to quality chemical labeling information, ultimately contributing to greater safety and compliance in workplaces,” said Claude Neri, COO at Chemwatch.

To learn more about the GHS Wizard, visit avery.com/GHSWizard. For other Avery Industrial products for safety and operations professionals, visit us at avery.com/industrial

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