Design & Print with®

Design & Print with®

  • Easily purchase and print USPS® First-Class postage on Avery address labels.
System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Currently, postage printing will only work on a PC running a Dinwos operating system.
Adobe Programs: You will need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher and Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or higher.

Print Your Own Postage

Print your address and postage labels in a few easy steps using Avery 30-per-sheet address labels and a® account. Buy only as much postage as you need—no fees.


Tips for

1. Go to and create your address labels using 5160, 8160 or other Avery 30-per-sheet address labels. After you print the address labels, you will see an offer to purchase postage for your mailing.

2. Next you will see the amount that woul dbe required for all the labels you printed. You can reduce the number later. Click Yes, I want to purchase postage.

3. If you do not have an account with, click Get Started to set up a free account. You will need to put at least $10.00 in your new account. If you already have a account, enter your Username and Password and click Sign In.

4. You can change the number of stamps to purchase and see the cost for your purchase.

5. It will take a few moments to process the first sheet of your postage project. You will see a message from Adobe Reader to allow printing. Be sure you have a sheet of labels in your pritner and click Yes

6. If your labels printed fine, click Print is OK. If not, you can click Print is not OK and you will have one more change to print. If the second try is not successful, you will need to request a refund from

No, you must print an adderss label project first, and then you can print the same number of postage labels. You can also choose to print fewer stamps than your address labels.

Currently, you can print on any 30-per-sheet Avery address labels. This includes Avery product numbers 5160, 5260, 5520, 5960, 6970, 8160, 8250, 8460, 45160, 48160, 48460, 48960, 55160, and 58160

You can purchase USPS First-Class postage for standard letter which have a maximum weight of 1 ounce and meet the size and shape requirements of the USPS. Letters that meet one or more of the nonmachinable characteristics below require additional postage, and are not supported by Avery Design & Print Online postage printing.

  • It is a square letter
  • It is too rigid - does not bend easily
  • It has clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices
  • It has an address parallel to the shorter dimension of the letter
  • It contains items such as pens that cause the surface to be uneven
  • The length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5
Size Requirements: Minimum size: 3-1/2" x 5"
Maximum size: 6-1/8" x 11-1/2"
Thickness: 0.007" to 1/4"

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