Avery Alliance Software Program

Welcome software developers! We are happy that you want to include Avery templates in your programs.

We have two Avery Alliance models for you to consider:
  • Template Alliance: we provide dimensional specifications and information about our printable products for you to set up the print functionality within your program.
  • API Alliance: allows for an integration with our online print tool, Avery Design & Print Online, to use our print tool as a web service with the content or data from your site.

Note: There's no charge for either model. We just need a License Agreement to be sure you will protect any confidential information that you receive as part of the program, and to be sure that you only use Avery resources to support Avery products.

Template Alliance

To receive Avery product specifications and information on how to support them in your program, complete the License Agreement for Avery Templates, including Exhibit “A,” then print, sign and send to Avery. Be sure to include an authorized signature.

Download License Agreement for Template Alliance

API Alliance

Use our API to integrate with Avery Design & Print Online. These integrations can be as simple as a link into our site, or you can pass data to our site to be formatted for printing to an Avery product. The data management would take place on your website, and the data that will be passed to the Avery website is the URL of the merge data csv file.

An HTML form is constructed on your website to gather this information in hidden fields. Then a call is made to a Java servlet on the Avery website that passes the hidden fields as URL parameters to the Avery Design & Print application. The servlet opens the data file, converts it to an xml format and prepares to merge the data.

To get more detailed information on the Avery API, complete a Linking and License Agreement.

Download License Agreement for API Alliance

Send questions and completed agreements to license@avery.com