Turn your desktop into an ID badge maker

Make durable ID cards and plastic name tags right from your desktop. We designed Avery Industrial durable badges and cards to work with standard desktop laser printers, so there's no special ID badge maker required. You can print directly on our Durable ID Card and Durable ID Badge products even though they're made of heavy-duty plastic. In fact, you can print on both sides, and they're waterproof as well as chemical, UV, and tear-resistant.

Create ID cards & employee name tags onsite, in minutes

Not only are our durable ID badges and cards printable from your desktop, but you can also design them for free. For example, create your own with Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO). The software is cloud-based and easy to use to make your own name badges and ID cards. Whether you are subscribed to an Avery GHS Wizard account or signed up for a free Avery account, you can access our design tools and templates for badges and ID cards for free.

Within ADPO, you'll find dozens of free, predesigned templates, including many for employee name tags. You can design from scratch on a blank template or customize predesigned templates. ADPO allows you to customize predesigned templates with barcodes, serialized numbers, text, graphics, images, colors, logos, and more.

ID cards and badges for facility certification

Avery Industrial ID cards and badges are ideal for creating durable plastic name tags and cards that can be slipped in a wallet or clipped on. We have many predesigned templates in ADPO designed for facility use, such as industrial and safety certifications (forklift, GHS, medical first aid, etc.), membership cards, staff IDs, photo IDs, security tags, and safety wallet cards.

ID badges versus ID cards

The main difference between ID badges and cards is a hole. Our Durable ID Badge products have a hole at the top so that the badge may be clipped to a lanyard, clothing, or belt. They come in two orientations: one wide (with the hole at the top of the widest side) and one tall (with the hole at the top of the narrowest side). ID cards have no hole.

As a matter of fact, Avery Industrial offers a wide range of products to help you create name tags for employees onsite. Everything you need for your facility is included, from our durable ID cards and badges to hanging badges and clip-style name tags.

How to make your own ID badges and cards

First, choose the product you would like to print on. Then, choose a template. You can find templates by inputting the Avery product number on our template finder page or by clicking the template link on the Avery.com product page. Avery If you don't know your Avery product number, you can find it. If you need help finding your ID badge or card product number, you can use this article in our help center or give our friendly Customer Care experts a call.

Once you've chosen an Avery template, you'll see a blank design (for creating from scratch) and predesigned templates. You can also use the left-hand menu to browse by category. Then, click on the design you like to open it in the ADPO editing screen. There you will find a barcode generator, mail merge/data input, and other tools to add and edit images and text.

When you've finished designing your ID card or badge, click "Preview & Print," then follow the prompts to print them out. We recommend always doing a "test print" on a regular sheet of paper before printing on your ID badge or card product. This allows you to check the design and alignment and make any necessary changes. Finally, change your printer settings to "heavyweight," "cardstock," or "specialty," and you're good to go.