Flatlay of Avery Industrial Marker Sample Pack

FREE UltraDuty™ Permanent Markers Sample Pack

Get the job done with Avery Industrial Markers! Write on tough surfaces: wet, oily, greasy, dusty, abrasive.

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Marking Tools That Write Where You Need Them

“Measure once, cut twice.” Every measurement needs the right marking tool to ensure accuracy. Avery Marks-A-Lot® permanent markers are trusted marking tools for smoothly writing on just about any surface. Write with confidence on metal, PVC pipes, concrete walls, plastic, cardboard, paper and ceramic surfaces.

Marks-A-Lot Permanent markers come in an array of colors and styles for bold easy-to-see marking on everything from small inspection tags to large piping and boxes. Order individually, in standard packages or in bulk to keep your facility well-supplied with the MVP of marking tools.

Stock your facility with marking tools that you can count on. Marks-A-Lot markers last up to 30 minutes uncapped without drying out— no need to worry about how to fix dried out markers. Or spending extra money replacing dried out marking tools.

For simple operations and common, consistent marking, stamp ink pads are the ideal marking tool. Use our Long-lasting, reusable stamp ink pads for date stamps, quality control, safety inspection and other 6S/5S practices. Choose from an array of stamp pad sizes and ink pad refills.