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UltraDuty® White Film

Engineered for GHS chemical label compliance, UltraDuty blank labels are designed for extreme heavy-duty use and rigorously tested for material durability, adhesion strength and print stability. Available for both laser and inkjet printers, UltraDuty blank labels are constructed from long-lasting film facestocks and high-performance permanent adhesives.

Avery UltraDuty blank labels pass GHS blank label material/adhesive tests submerged for 90 days in seawater as outlined in BS5609 Section 2. Durable blank label materials are waterproof, resist tearing and are tested for chemical resistance (e.g. Heptane, HCL 37%, pH3 buffer), adhesive service in extreme temperatures and fade resistance for up to 2 years UV exposure.

UltraDuty blank labels for laser printers feature polyester (PET) facestock and adhesive service in temperatures ranging frfom -20˚F to 220˚F. UltraDuty blank labels for inkjet printers feature synthetic facestock optimized for printing with pigment-based inkjet printers and adhesive service in temperatures ranging from -40F to 300F. When used with approved compatible printers, UltraDuty blank labels meet BS5609 Section 3 print stability requirements.

Pick a size and shape and order as little as one sheet of laser or inkjet printable blank labels. Use with our GHS Wizard online software to design custom GHS labels, or upload your own design to a blank label template. Print on-demand as needed. UltraDuty blank labels may also be used with ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens as well as pencils and permanent markers.

Extremely strong permanent blank label adhesive is formulated for optimal adhesion on metal, plastic, painted surfaces, fiber, polycarbonate and glass. Highly durable blank labels are useful for custom safety sign, arc flash, tank, marine, equipment and outdoor applications. Additional applications for UltraDuty blank labels include drums, totes, pails, jugs, bottles, painted metal, plastic bins, windows, corrugated boxes and paper.

Durable White Film

Blank labels designed to resist wear and tear from frequent use. Durable film facestock is tougher than your average blank label for home and office use. Designed to stand up to rugged environments better than traditional blank labels constructed with paper facestock. Durable blank labels help you organize, identify, sort and support specialized manufacturing needs.

Microwave and freezer-safe blank labels are ideal for food and beverage industry applications such as bottle labels and labels for food packaging and other specialized manufacturing needs. Durable blank label material and adhesive is acceptable for indirect food contact per FDA 21 CFR 175.105.

Durable blank labels feature water-resistant permanent adhesive suitable for use on surfaces including glass, bare/painted metal, plastics and painted wood. Useful for blank label needs in heavy-duty indoor workspaces such as automotive garages, warehouses and light manufacturing.

Polypropylene (PP) film blank labels with laser and inkjet printer compatibility. Blank label material is water-resistant with waterproof print when laser and pigment-based inkjet printers are used. Blank label surface is easy to write on with ballpoint pen, pencil and permanent marker. Works with rollerball and gel pens when given extended dry time.

Order as little as one sheet of durable blank labels in a variety of shapes and sizes to print custom labels on-demand in your facility. Upload your own design to a blank label template to ensure perfect print formatting. Or choose from one of our hundreds of professional design templates that can easily be modified with custom text, graphics and colors.

Weatherproof™ Film

Weatherproof blank labels feature durable polyester facestock and TrueBlock® backing to make sure important printed information doesn’t get damaged or misread. Designs, text and images don’t show through and inclement weather doesn’t smudge barcodes or addresses.

Waterproof and freezer-safe, polyester (PET) blank labels, resist scuffing, tearing and smudging. Patented opaque TrueBlock® coverage guarantees no text, images or designs show through. Use Weatherproof blank labels to ensure your shipment isn’t delayed by labels unreadable by scanners or made illegible from rain, snow, sleet and other bad weather.

Weatherproof blank labels are certified safe for indirect food contact per FDA 21 CFR 175.105, excellent for use on water bottles and other beverage containers. Additional applications for Weatherproof blank labels include paper and plastic envelopes, corrugated boxes, glass, plastic and bare/painted metal containers.

Order blank labels by the sheet in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use Weatherproof blank labels as-is, for quick and convenient on-site labeling with ballpoint pen, pencil and permanent marker. Blank label material also works with rollerball and gel pens when given extended dry time.

Our simple online design software allows you to create custom label designs for on-demand printing. Weatherproof blank labels are laser and inkjet printer dual compatible. Choose an existing design to modify with custom colors, text, graphics, serialized numbers and even barcodes, or upload your own design to a blank label template.

Surface Safe® Sign Film

Heavy-duty removable blank labels stick securely until you want them off. Durable polyester Surface Safe blank labels resist damage from frequent use and are ideal for creating industrial signage displayed on walls, doors, windows, glass and metal.

Rigorously tested to stick aggressively to a variety of surfaces such as drywall, painted walls and doors, stainless steel, metal and glass, yet remove cleanly. Durable removable blank labels remove cleanly without damaging intended-use surfaces and leave behind no sticky residue.

Low maintenance blank labels for industrial signage are easy to wipe clean and easy to switch out to ensure updated information. Polyester (PET) blank label facestock is water, chemical, abrasion and tear resistant to stand up to heavy-duty use in industrial facilities.

Pick a size and shape and order as little as one sheet Surface Safe blank labels for signs. Choose from hundreds of OSHA/ANSI-compliant design templates to modify and apply to Surface Safe blank labels, or upload your own design to a blank label template perfectly formatted for optimal printing.