Asset Tags

Asset tagging is an effective way to record and monitor your company’s valuable assets such as electronics, equipment, tools, furniture and containers. Avery PermaTrack™ Asset Tag Labels make it easy to create your own asset tags, barcode labels, equipment tags, property tags and nameplates on demand, right from your laser printer. Customize with text, graphics, serialized numbers and barcodes with the free Avery Design & Print software with barcode generator. Avery PermaTrack Asset Tags are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and feature a strong adhesive to enable reliable identification and tracking for the life span of your asset.


Avery Asset Tags

  • Customize and create on demand, directly from your laser printer
  • No minimum order quantities, long turnaround times or shipping costs
  • Available in a variety of sizes and materials



Our metallic and white asset tags will stick to a variety of plastics (ABS, PP, PET, HIPS), metals (unpainted, painted, powder coated), glass and other hard, smooth surfaces. Avery asset tags are not recommended for highly textured materials, fabrics or small curved objects, such as wire.

For best results, the surface should be clean and free of dust or grease before applying your asset tags. Maximum adhesion is achieved approximately 24 hours after application. For the first few hours, you may be able to remove and reposition your asset tags before the adhesive becomes permanent.

PermaTrack™ asset tags are recommended for indoor use.

All PermaTrack asset tags are made of our tear-resistant polyester film that is stronger and tougher than our standard paper labels. Our metallic asset tags are abrasion resistant and more durable than our white asset tags.

Our white asset tags are resistant to water and most common cleaning solutions such as 409® and Windex®. Our metallic asset tags are waterproof, and hold up to chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol and WD-40®, as well as 409® and Windex®.  If you anticipate your asset coming into contact with harsher chemicals like acetone or heptane, we recommend Avery UltraDuty® GHS Chemical Labels.

Our metallic asset tags have a minimum application temperature of 20°F, and a usage temperature range of -20°F to 300°F. Our white asset tags have a minimum application temperature of 35°F and a usage range of -45°F to 190°F.