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Implement a Better Asset Tracking System with Custom Asset Tags & Barcoding Tools

Create custom asset tags for tracking your company’s physical assets such as valuable electronics, critical equipment and tools, inventory or other items. Asset-tracking labels help you make sure your employees have the equipment they need to do their jobs and helps protect valuables.

Asset tags with barcodes allow you to digitally track assets throughout their lifetime, keeping information in a centralized database. For example, recording the location and status of items. Do you have machinery that is shut down for maintenance? Do you have equipment being used off-site? Asset tracking helps you monitor that information.

Asset tracking also helps reduce losses from misplaced and stolen items. Custom asset tags designed to discourage theft make it difficult to remove and replace (or switch) asset tags on valuables such as computer equipment, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

High-performance materials and industrial-grade adhesives allow you to create custom asset tags that last the full lifetime of your assets. PermaTrack® asset tags are meticulously tested to function for the asset-tracking task at hand. From durable metallic asset tags reinforced with aluminum, to security labels and light-duty film.

Our printable asset tags and custom printing service with low minimum orders are the cost-effective solution to traditional custom labels for asset tracking. Quickly and easily update your asset tracking system with asset tags you can print on-demand from your own laser printer. Or order as little as one sheet of custom-printed asset tags and your order ships in as few as three business days.

Design asset tags online with our user-friendly design tools. Easily import your asset tracking information to our barcode generator with data-merge capability. Modify asset tag templates with custom text, graphics, colors and serialized numbers. Or upload your own custom designs. Save your asset tags to easily access for updates and reprinting as needed.