What Direction To Feed Into The Printer
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What Direction to Feed into the Printer; Face Up or Face Down; How to Load Paper

Here's how to test which direction you should feed your Avery products into the printer using a sheet of plain paper:
  1. Draw an arrow pointing up on a blank sheet of paper
  2. Place the paper in the manual feed tray (if your printer has one) or in the paper tray so that you can see the arrow and it's pointing into the printer
  3. Print your Avery project on the sheet as a test
  4. If the project printed correctly, that's how you feed your Avery product
  5. If it printed on the wrong side, flip the paper so the arrow faces down in the tray
  6. If it printed upside down from the arrow, rotate the paper to feed from the other end
  7. When you're successful printing on the arrow side of the sheet in the correct direction, make a note that label sheets should be face up or face down, head first or foot first when printing

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