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To Print Specific Labels / Cards (Print Range) Print Options; Print One Label on The Sheet

To Print Specific Labels.

  1. Make sure you are in step 4 Preview & print  User-added image
  2. To the right side of the screen, click on Print or Print It Yourself User-added image
  3. Mouse click on Print Specific Labels / Card  
  4.  Click on the Print selection  User-added image
  5. Click the drop-down arrows to enter the specific spaces to print .... 
  6. For Example
  7.  User-added image
  8. Your spaces will then appear in a sample preview - and ready to print. 

To Print A Specific label in the project. 

  1. Click on Print Specific Labels / Cards
  2. Click on the custom selection User-added image
  3. Navigate and click through the mini-template to make selections
  4. Click on the spaces that you Do Not need to print, leaving the only label(s) visible. For example, see below:
  5. User-added image
  6. This process will only show the specific spaces to print from your template - the project will not be changed.

To Print A Specific tent card in a project when using several sheets:

1. Click on Print Specific Labels / Cards
2. Click on the specific sheet number at the top of the screen (in preview) to make the selection if only ONE tent card needs to be printed from a sheet.
User-added image
For example: If the last tent card on sheet number 5 needs to be printed - the number 5 sheet would be selected, the print range would be the specific tent card numbers in custom selection - ie: from 7-8 (in order to select BOTH sides of the tent card)
3. The selection for tent cards to print will only be set for that SPECIFIC sheet that is highlighted

Print ranges can be applied to several different sheets one at a time - in order to print specific labels on each sheet.


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