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Create Labels with the Same Text in Word

1. Open a blank document in Word.
2. Click on Mailings Tab (located at the top left side of page).
3. Click on Labels (to the left of the tool bar).
4. A Pop-up box will appear, click on the Options button .
5. Another box will appear titled Label Options (make sure "Page Printers" is selected). 
6. In the Label Vendors drop down menu, Select Avery US Letter
7. In Product Number Box scroll for product number, once it's highlighted in blue - click on OK.
8. To create labels with the same information type the information into the Address section.
9. Select Full page of the same label.
10. Click on New Document.
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If you want to create labels with the different information, than you will follow all previous steps 1-7 but this time leave the "Address Section" blank before following steps 9 & 10.

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