Qr And Barcode Merge
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QR and Barcode Merge

In Design & Print Online, under the Step #3 Customize screen:
  • Click on the three black dots to the left of the screen (under Import Data)
  • Click on QR and Barcodes
  • Click on Add Barcode or QR Code
  • On the window that appears, select Spreadsheet or Sequential Number and click Next
  • On the next window, select Import Data and click Browse for File
  • Select your spreadsheet and Open that file.
  • In Confirm List, you can uncheck the first row if you have column headers and uncheck any data you do not want to merge over then select Next
  • Under Step 2 - create barcodes select your Industry Format. For example, Code 128
  • Then drag your data from the left-hand side to the box that says Enter alphanumeric and Special Characters on the right
  • You have the option to change the size of the X-Dimension and whether to display text below the barcode
  • Click Finish
  • Once you select Finish, the merge is complete and you will be in Step 3 Customize. Here you can resize your barcode and add additional text and images
  • To preview your barcodes, select Preview & Print in the bottom left of the screen


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