Formatting Tent Cards

The best way to format Avery Tent Cards is to use Avery Design & Print Online   In Step 3 - Customize, use the Navigator on right side to click on the section you want to edit and switch between the front and back sides of each tent card.  The top portion of the template is the reverse side of the tent card.  After entering your text, it will be upside-down on that card in order to print correctly.   We recommend setting up the images and style of all the cards first using Edit All, then adding individual names (by typing them in using Edit One or using Import Data/Mail Merge to bring in all the names at once from an Excel spreadsheet or another spreadsheet file.  If you want the same layout and information on the front and back of the cards, you can Copy the elements from one side, then click on the other side in the Navigator and Paste.  To successfully copy text boxes, click on the edge of the box so the dotted line turns solid, then click Copy.  You can also click at the top left of the template and drag to the bottom right to select all the text and images at once.

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