Edit Inside Of Note Card Or Greeting Card
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Edit Inside of Note Card or Greeting Card

Note cards have two cards on one sheet, with the front and back of the individual cards on one side of the sheet and the inside of the cards on the other side of the sheet.  You can use the Navigator near the top right of the Avery Design & Print screen to move from one section and side to another.
  1. Edit the front of the card - if you chose a tall orientation, this is the bottom half of the Front and Backside.  If you chose wide, this is the left side. The software should default to editing the front side of the card.
  2. In the Navigator, click on the backside of the card and create your design for the back.
  3. Click Inside at the top of Customize.  Note that the right side is the typical inside of a tall note card, and the bottom is the typical inside of a wide note card.
  4. Test print on plain paper to be sure each side is placed where you want and that you're flipping your paper correctly for your printer.  If needed, you can Copy text and images, then use the Navigator to move to the new position and Paste.  
Tall Card Orientation Inside:
Wide Card Orientation Inside:


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