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If you are wanting to create or check on a business account, or requesting to check on the status of a Purchase Order, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-336-6476 for further assistance.

At this time we are not adding new sellers, but we will keep your information for future reference. You can answer the following questions below in an email and send it to

 Be sure to provide the following:
  • Seller name
  • The name of your business.
  • The address for your business.
  • Your first and last name.
  • A contact number and email address.
  • Any DBA Information?
  • Do you currently have a website? If so, please list below.
  • Do you currently distribute Avery Products?
  • Where do you currently purchase Avery Products? Please list all Vendor(s) or Distributor(s).
  • Are you a buying group member? If so, include buying group name and ID#
  • Are you a closeout house?
  • Are the products you purchased from a closeout or markdown purchase?
  • What is your main channel of business? Office Products, Stationery, etc?
  • What online marketplaces do you plan to see your products?
  • Do you currently sell products on Amazon? What is the name of the business? Are you a direct seller or a Fulfill by Amazon (FBA) seller?

Note: We cannot set up business accounts for resellers outside the US. Please contact avery support in your designated country.

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