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  • We no longer will be updating Avery Wizard add-on for Microsoft Word
  •  Avery Wizard  software only works through Word 2013
  • If you currently use Office 2016 or you want to try different design solutions from Avery, check out your options at www.avery.com/templates.
Avery Wizard System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista® or XP
  • Microsoft® Office 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 or XP (not compatible with Microsoft®Office Starter 2010)
  • Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later
  • 165MB available disk space
  • If your system does meet the requirements above, you can use this link to download the program: https://www.avery.com/software/wizard
  • If your system doesn't meet the requirements above, you can also find templates in Avery Design & Print Online.
We no longer support the Avery Wizard add-on for Microsoft Word, and having it installed can cause an error message to appear upon opening a MS Word document.
Here are a few steps to removing the Avery Wizard add-on from MS Word:
  1. Open a blank MS Word document.
  2. Access the File menu (or click on the Office button in the top-left corner) and then select Options:
    MS Word - Menu
  3. Select Add-Ins from the menu on the left. You should see the following:
    MS Word - Add-ins
    The file that needs to be removed should be called AVWiz12s.dotm (or something very similar).
    The location of this file on your computer will be displayed at the bottom of this menu.
  4. Navigate to that location on your computer:
    Avery Wizard File
  5. Close MS Word.
  6. Delete the AVWiz12s.dotm file from that location (along with any other files with “AVWiz” in their names).
  7. Open MS Word
  8. Access the File menu (or click on the Office button in the top-left corner) and then select Options.
  9. Select Add-Ins from the menu on the left and verify that AVWiz12s.dotm no longer appears in the list of add-ins.
At this point, the you should no longer be seeing the Avery Wizard in MS Word, but it is probably still in your list of installed programs on Windows.
Here’s how to remove it from that list (for WINDOWS computers):
  1. Open the Windows Start Menu in the bottom-left corner of your screen:
    Windows Start Menu
  2. Type “Programs and Features” in the search box at the bottom and then select it from the list near the top of the window.
  3. Find the Avery Wizard in your list of programs.
    (Tip: If your list of programs isn’t sorted alphabetically, click on Name above your list of programs to do so.)
  4. Right-click on the Avery Wizard and then select Uninstall.
    This should remove it from your computer entirely.

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