5567 Template In Word Wrong Format
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5567 Template in Word Wrong Format

The built-in Word template for product 5567 is not in the correct format in older versions of Word, and is complicated to use in the newer versions of Word. 
We recommend you use the 5567 templates in Avery Design & Print Online for Hanging File Tabs.  It will automatically rotate the text to correctly label both sides of the tabs.  

You can also download a Word template: https://www.avery.com/templates/5567
 You can print on the front side of the tabs with the built-in Word template by following these steps: 1) Type the text for the first tab in the top left cell of the table. 2) Go to the Table Tools Layout tab and click Text Direction 3 times until your text is rotated like this:  3) On the Home tab, click to Center the text.  4) Hit the space bar on your keyboard (this is important, otherwise the whole template will shift) and then hit the Enter key to move the text lower on the tab.  5)  Increase the font size, change the style if desired.  6) When that looks good, click and drag to select all the contents of that cell and then paste it to the middle and far right cells of that row.  Skip the next row (it represents blank space on sheet) and paste again to the third row.  7) Edit the text to update with what you want on each tab. 

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