Custom Printing Glossary

Avery WePrint Glossary of Terms

A substance that causes something to adhere to another material. 

When the ink extends to the edge of the product it’s being printed on.

Label material that fits to the contours of surfaces, especially curves and tapers.

The inner tube that roll labels are wound around before shipment.  Cores are usually made of paper, plastic or metal.

Die Cutting
Using dies or sharp steel tools to cut any shape label.

Digital Printing
Creating, storing, transferring and reproducing images and text in a digital format so fixed or variable information can be printed without printing plates.

Face Stock
The material used to construct the printed product such as paper, plastic films, foils and laminates.

Four-Color Process
Printing using cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CYMK) to create a wide range of colors for images and test.

Glossy Finish
Give a smooth, premium shine to products and packaging. The glossy material intensifies deep, rich colors, making your graphics pop and your text sharper.

Industrial Labels
Labels that withstand a range of extreme conditions and climates that might include oil, water, chemical resistance, abrasion or scuffing.

Label Stock
Pressure-sensitive materials that consists of a face stock, an adhesive and a release liner. 

A clear plastic film coating that adds extra durability.

  • Matte laminates can be written on
  • Textured laminates add feel to products
  • Glossy laminates add a shiny look

Machine Applied
Roll labels that use a machine for application. Roll labels need to be set up to match the machine applying them.  You need to confirm core size, wind direction and maximum outside size before ordering.

Matte Finish
Get a soft, subtle finish that adds a luxurious look without a noticeable shine. The slightly textured material offers a more natural look and feel to products and packaging.

A surface that is not transparent and is used as a cover-up. Opaque labels are often used to block out existing text or images on a product.

A row of cuts or microscopic holes that allow products to be folded, torn off or separated easily. Perforations can be horizontal or vertical, and come in standard or microperforated styles.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesive forms a bond when pressure is applied between the material and what it is being adhered to. No activation by water, solvent or heat is required to exert a strong adhesive bond on materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement and metals.

Primary Label
The main label for a product that is usually features branding and is designed to attract attention and appeal to consumers.

Release Liner
The material that acts as a carrier for pressure-sensitive labels. The liner protects the adhesive, and should easily separate from the label before it’s applied to product.

Image is created by the label stock color showing through the ink coverage.

Rewind Direction

Roll Unwind Direction

Roll Labels
Pressure-sensitive labels that are produced and shipped wound around a spool.

Secondary Labels
Usually smaller and applied to a product to detract from the primary brand label. They’re often used for required information such as health &r safety requirements, nutritional details, instructions, barcodes, warnings and tracking purposes.

Shelf Life
The time a product can be stored under specific conditions and still remain usable.

Smudge Resistance
The ability of a printed surface to ink blurring or smearing and thus related to the absorption of the paper.

Thermal Transfer Materials
A face stock engineered to accept heat-activated ink from the ribbon of a thermal transfer printer.

A clear protective coating that provides a sturdy finish that enhances the appearance and increases durability.

  • UV-cured varnish offers a very high gloss and extra durability
  • Water-based varnish helps protect against slight moisture and is less durable than UV varnish
  • Matte varnish offers a dull varnish that can be written on
  • Spot varnish is where only a specific part of the label is varnished

Weatherproof Labels
These labels can withstand heat, cold, water and sunlight for up to 1-1/2 years.

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