Yard Sale Success Tips

Whether you’re moving, reorganizing, or simply spring cleaning, yard sales are a great way to clear your house of clutter and earn some extra cash. And when you apply your office skills, throw in some planning, and add a little creativity, you’ll be on your way to hosting a successful yard sale that can attract your neighbors and maybe even a draw a crowd!

Start with your signage. Forget ordinary-looking cardboard signs. Draw attention to your sale with colorfully printed signs and fliers. Why not create a banner for your sale’s entrance! For inspiration, check out our pre-designed garage sale templates available in the Ideas section. You’ll find banner, sign, and even pricing label templates you can customize with your address and date of sale.

Next, post your signs at local markets, shopping centers, laundromats, your local library—any place people visit frequently. You might also want to place an ad in your local newspaper. Experienced sellers suggest following these additional tips:

  • Avoid planning your sale for a holiday weekend or neighborhood special event day.
  • Ask your neighbors not to park in front of your house so that parking spots will be available for your shoppers.
  • Place price labels on the front or top of the item where they will be clearly visible. Buyers like to be able to see the cost of items. We even have Avery Pre-Printed Garage Sale Labels to make pricing really easy.
  • Use tables or blankets to arrange like items into categories and print category names on Avery Tent Cards to help shoppers find what they’re looking for.
  • Have an outlet and batteries available so your customers can make sure electrical items work.
  • Make sure your signs and banners can be read from a distance by using large fonts.
  • Use Avery Name Badges to identify you and others as the sellers so shoppers know whom to ask for help.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re on the way to a successful yard sale.