Wedding Thank-You Notes

Design and print beautiful, personalized thank-you notes to show all your wedding guests how much their gifts were appreciated. Add your own personal photo or image, as well as special touches like silk flowers, rhinestones or stickers, for an extra thoughtful way to say thanks.

Wedding Thank-You Notes

  1. Collect Supplies and Tools
    Avery Greeting Cards or Avery Note Cards
    – Embellishments such as silk flowers, rhinestones, ribbons and/or stickers
    – Glue
  2. Create Your Design
    Using our free Avery Design & Print Online software, select the Avery template that matches your product.
    For the front of the card, insert the image or design you want to use or start with one of our pre-designed templates. Below the image, create a text box and type in the text for the front of the card.
    For the inside of the card, go to the back of the template. Create a text box on one or both sides of the template and type in your thank-you details. Save your design and print.
  3. Print
    Print the front of the card onto your Avery Half-Fold Card. Flip the card over and run it through the printer a second time to print the inside of the card on the other side. Note: It’s best to print on a black sheet of paper the first time to be sure you print both sides correctly.
  4. Decorate
    Embellish the front and inside of the card with silk flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, and/or stickers.

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