The Next Generation of Hanging Files Tabs

Hanging File Tabs can be a cruel and merciless chore. How can anyone expect to handwrite or type on those little paper inserts and still have enough patience to stuff those inserts into difficult plastic tabs? For anyone who’s ever had to construct hanging files with those old-fashioned plastic tabs and paper inserts, you’re about to experience a hassle-free way to create neat hanging files.

With Avery Printable Hanging File Tabs, you can create hanging files with minimal fuss. These tabs are die-cut out of durable card stock that resists tearing or bending, so there’s no need to insert them into plastic tab holders. Simply print, fold and put them in place. Use with free Avery Templates to create your own customized tab descriptions in a snap, right from your own desktop. Plus, it makes it easier to create two-sided tabs—perfect for lateral filing systems.

Everyone has their own system for filing. Here are some additional tips to help you create your own:

  • Use hanging file folders and print tab descriptions when you first set up your filing system. They work as placeholders when a file is being used, and it makes it easy to return the file to its proper place.
  • Create a good filing structure for your system. Decide on logical categories, then print the category descriptions onto the hanging file tabs.
  • Don’t overstuff! Hanging file folders with too many files and papers make your system seem bulky and hard to manage. As the size of the file grows, consider sub-dividing into multiple folders.

Forget about those file folders using plastic tabs and tiny paper inserts. With Avery Printable Hanging File Tabs, it’s easy to organize your file system with hassle-free, durable tabs.