Product Packaging Trends for 2020

Product Packaging Trends for 2020

The latest looks in custom packaging

Deciding on the packaging and labeling for your new product is a big step. Your brand identity – the color, design and logo – is what identifies and distinguishes your products from others. So whether you’re just starting a business or you’re looking to update or refresh your packaging design, we’ve put together a list of hot product packaging trends that are catching consumers’ eyes.

From bottles and cans to boxes and bags, the packaging design trends featured below are simple, clean, fresh and organic. Look for pops of color, bold fonts and simple illustrations to lead the way in custom packaging this year.


A packaging trend this year is to use minimal bold print and bright colors calls attention to the brand.
Canadian brand Sapsucker uses pops of color and simple fonts for its organic sparkling tree water.

An art movement that began post-World War II, minimalism shows no sign of going away anytime soon. It’s about clean fonts and simple packaging that lets the products speak for themselves. It’s where bold brands are taking their products with a simple “We have nothing to hide” attitude.

Try a bright color to stand out on the shelf and large, simple typography to draw eyes to your messaging. The packaging’s sole purpose is to not detract from the brand message on the front. Read How to Pick the Right Font for Your Labels for some extra guidance.

Clean & fresh

Hive Honey uses clear labels to portray the clean fresh nature of their products.
A clear label on fresh, clean products portrays a sense of honesty and brand transparency.

With the evergrowing trend of organic natural products, clear labels and packaging are the perfect foundation for sending a fresh, clean brand message. With clear packaging and labels you can convey a message of honesty and transparency by letting your natural product show through, as well as giving your products a crisp, clean look and feel.

Gradient colors

Swedish company Ahlens Aroma uses multicolor rainbow blends to attract attention to products.

The trend of ombre coloring continues this year in labels and packaging. We’re seeing it as a multicolor rainbow blend to grab attention or as a single-color, fade-to-white transition that invokes a sense of calm. Either way, gradients are being used across the color spectrum including brights, neons, neutrals and naturals. If you want to try this yourself, check out 3 Smart Ways to Use Color on Packaging. Then grab a color wheel and use the colors next to each other for a less jarring effect on the eye.

Flat illustrations

Flat illustrations are a popular trend on packaging.
Australia’s macamilk showcases its natural, down-to-earth products with the use of flat illustrations.

Building on other trends from the last few years – minimalism and hand-drawn illustrations – flat illustrations are increasingly popular. Simple in design, without complex colors, highlights or shadow effects, this two-dimensional style of drawing style dates back to the days of old cartoons before computer-generated imagery or CGI.

Flat illustrations focus on simple design, color, typography, and the overall approach is great for almost any printed material.


Use of monochrome designs is big trend on packaging labels this year.
Calculated Risk Winery in Napa Valley, California, uses an elaborate, yet simple black and white design for its wines.

There’s a reason black and white is a classic design. It’s elegant, yet powerful and incredibly versatile. You can represent both simplicity and complexity using monochrome designs. Try layering or clashing different patterns for a more contemporary look. And make sure your fonts are clear and legible.

Color blocking

Color block on product labels is a big packaging trend in 2020
Sacred Foods features bright, coordinated color blocks on its snack foods to draw consumers’ eyes.

With designs for packaging and labeling having a definite focus toward minimalism, it’s time to let the colors and words on your products have the spotlight. No longer playing second string to icons and images, bright color blocks and big letters are drawing the eye to the heart of the product – your brand – and helping to build its identity quicker.

Remember, when using bold colors and typography, keep everything else simple. You can’t have too many competing features.

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