Personalized Binders

Picture this. You’re making an important presentation, and you provide everyone with a custom-designed binder with their company logo, photos and graphics printed directly on the binder cover in full color. Or you’re creating employee handbooks and each binder cover is printed with the faces of the company employees. Plus each person’s name is printed onto their own binder!

If you think customized binders like these would cost too much and take too long, think again. Introducing Avery Signature Binders.

Now you can create a personalized binder for any occasion, from an important proposal at work to a special project at home. Just go to our web site at With thousands of free templates and backgrounds to start from, you can personalize your design in minutes. And you can upload your own artwork or photos too.

For more information, or better yet, to create your own customized binders today, just go to You’ll never look at binders the same way again!