Organize Your Files with Colored Labels

Documents will be easy to access with an organized filing system. Just use colored file labels and assign a color to each of you categories.

Step 1: Create Categories

Organize your loose documents and paperwork into categories. Separate the documents into two stacks: one for frequently used documents and another that will be filed away.

Step 2: Customize Labels

Customize Avery File Folder Labels with your designated categories using the template found in your desktop software or at Avery Design & Print Online for documents that will be stored in a filing cabinet.

Step 3: Print and Apply Labels

Print and apply to file folders. Using color can make your filing system more efficient. Keep a key that lists the colors that are assigned to each category.

Step 4: Protect Documents

For frequently used documents that you’ll keep at your desk for easy access, protect them and make them last longer by placing them into Avery Heavy Duty Plastic Sleeves.