Must-Have Moving Tips

You’ve got boxes to pack, rooms to clean out and utility companies to contact. There’s no denying that moving is hard work! And preparing for a big move is not just a test of sheer will and muscle—it’s also a test in organization, too. But by simply planning ahead, you can take steps to make sure your next move goes smoothly and leaves you free of worries. We’ll show you how to pack smart, protect your valuables and more with these must-have moving tips.

Take stock of your valuables

Before you start packing away your stuff, it’s a good idea to take inventory of what you own, particularly your valuables. One of the best ways to protect your precious items is by creating a catalog of them. That way, if items become lost or broken, you’ll have a record handy to help you recover their value through insurance. First, take photographs of all your treasured possessions. Next, collect any documentation regarding each item’s approximate price, such as receipts and appraisals. Place your information inside sheet protector pages, and keep your pages in a strong and durable binder such as the Avery Heavy-Duty Binder for safekeeping. To reference documents easily, you can quickly organize your items by category with Avery Ready Index® Dividers. For example, you might categorize your records by location, such as “living room” or “bedroom” or by type, such as “antiques” or “business equipment.”

Be prepared with a bag of essentials

Ever try to find everyday items during a move? Make it easy on yourself by packing a go-to bag of essentials such as vitamins, medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant. Now you’ll have easy access to these items when you need them, instead of trying to hunt them down.

Sneak a peek without opening the box

Are you surrounded by cardboard boxes that all look the same? Once they’re packed, it can be difficult to guess what’s inside each one or where it belongs at your new place. But with customized labels, your move can be a breeze. You can create moving labels instantly using Avery I.D. Labels. These durable labels with stick-and-stay construction are perfect for the long or short haul. With free Avery Design & Print Online it’s easy to add images to your labels so you won’t have to second-guess what’s inside. Enter big and bold text to describe the contents and which room in the house the box should be placed at your new location, such as “kitchen cookbooks” or “master bathroom knick knacks.”

Spread the word about your new home

You’ll want to tell all your family and friends about your big event with cards that announce “We’ve Moved!” With Avery Postcards and Avery Design & Print Online, we’ll help you create moving announcements on a postcard format that meets U.S. postal regulations. Choose from thousands of pre-designed templates, or create your own. You can even personalize your announcements with a picture of your new home. Then, print as many as you want on the spot.

All tuckered out after your move? Instead of handwriting addresses on all your postcards, make it easy on yourself. Creating address labels is a breeze with Avery Easy Peel® Address Labels and the mail merge feature on Avery Design & Print Online. Just select your product and design, then click the “Mail Merge” radial button under Editing Options to get started.

Moving can be quite a workout, but that doesn’t mean you have to stress out. Keep these moving tips in mind before your next move and find out how trouble-free your moving escapade can be.