Memorable Graduation Parties Made Easy

Parties are always fun for the guests, but often the effort and investment can be stressful for the host. Is it possible to throw a graduation party that’s fun and creative without spending too much time and money? Absolutely! With a little planning, a computer and some of our products and resources, it’s easy to throw a memorable party, and still save more time, energy and money than you might imagine.

Think Ahead

So you’ve got a party to plan for. The key to cutting down the stress is to give yourself plenty of time to plan it. If you’re throwing a graduation party, allow yourself six weeks or so to get it together. Create a checklist of things you’ll need to do as you countdown to the event, and be sure to include extra time, just in case. You won’t be working on the party planning the entire time, but it gives you the opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Gather Your Resources

Once you have a general idea of what kind of party you want to throw, you’ll need to gather supplies and sending out notifications. After all, graduation season can get very busy. Will you be sending out invitations? Or how about save-the-date cards or magnets? Decorations and party favors? If all this prep work sounds time-consuming and costly, don’t worry. There’s a way you can create each one of these party essentials right from your own desktop.

Decide on a Theme

Are you celebrating a grade school, high school or college graduation? What are the interests of the graduate? You might consider incorporating the graduate’s interests into the theme. If the graduate is a photography buff, your theme might be “Picture This…Jenifer is Graduating!” Or you might go for a more general theme that revolves around school colors and a consistent graphic, like a school mascot or graduation cap and diploma. Once you settle on a theme, you can create coordinated items for the party.

Start Creating Your Supplies

A good place to start is with the invitation. It’s easy to do with Avery Note Cards and a free pre-designed Avery Template. Just download the template, type in your graduate’s information and print. Voila! You’ve got an invitation.

For a fun and creative touch, include a save-the-date magnet. Our templates and magnet sheets make this project really simple to do. Next, create address labels that match your theme. You can also create stickers using the same graphics. Use the stickers to decorate gift bags that you hand out as party favors. It might even be fun to create special t-shirts for all your guests to take home. Avery has all the supplies you need to create cards, labels, stickers, magnets, t-shirt transfers and more, and our free templates help you every step of the way. Just go with your imagination.

Graduation parties, birthdays, retirement celebrations… no matter what the occasion, it’s possible to put together a fabulous party without the stress. All you need is a little planning, a computer, and your favorite Avery products and free templates. Once you’ve put your party together, you’re ready to celebrate in style!