Mark Your Property – with I.D. Labels

Ever notice how easily your storage area gets disorganized? Or how certain office supplies go missing? Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for something you need and not finding it there. There’s a simple solution that can help.

By labeling your items with handy Avery I.D. Labels, you can make sure the things that get borrowed or misplaced get returned and put back in their proper place. You won’t have to worry about cluttered shelves or missing office tools when your items are back where they belong.

Want to get on the fast track to an organized workspace? Try these labeling tips:

  • Label office tools like your stapler or 3-hole punch with your name or workstation so people who borrow them will know where to return them.
  • Label shelves and bins by category so you’ll know where to find the supplies you need.
  • Keep track of tools and first aid kits with Avery Permanent I.D. Labels. It’s also a great idea for tracking inventory or bar coding.
  • When you need a temporary label to add quick instructions, such as a routing slip, or want to call attention to a file by marking it as “urgent,” use Avery Removable I.D. Labels. They stick and stay where you want them, but remove cleanly and easily.
  • For use outdoors or harsh conditions, use Avery Durable I.D. Labels. They resist moisture, scuffing, tearing and smudging, and are great for labeling storage boxes and containers.

Avery I.D. Labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes—long or short, fat or narrow—so you’ll find a label that’s just right for each item. And with Avery Templates, it’s easy to design and print your labels so you can use them right away.