Makeover Takeover: Body Cande

makeover takeover: body cande

Sometimes, a better label is just a few clicks away. With expert graphic designers at the helm, we helped small business owners revamp their original product labels to give them a fresh, new look.

Skincare and candles inspired by scrumptious treats? Yes, please! Carletta Brown, owner of Body Cande, creates sweets-inspired bath and body products, from cupcake bath boms to soy wax candles topped with “whipped cream.”

On the left, the original label. On the right, a look as playful as its brand. Avery Rectangular Glossy White Labels 1″ x 2-5/8″ (5260) on the jar, Avery Round Glossy White Labels 2″ (22807) on the lid.

A fun brand calls for a playful label

The original body butter label lacked the same sense of lightheartedness reflected brilliantly in the brand. We went to work to create a product label design just as delightful and tantalizing as the Body Cande brand.

The right combination of fonts

Everything’s better with sprinkles! The bright and colorful graphics draw attention to the brand name.

We removed the star image on the rectangular container label and replaced it with a background of multicolored candy sprinkles, channeling the brand’s overarching sweets theme. The colorful sprinkles are darker near the brand name to draw the eye toward it.

The right combination of fonts

To mix in some fun with functionality, we chose two fonts: a loose, cursive font for the brand name, and a more structured font so the product information was easy to read.

With so many colors in the design, we opted to make the majority of the type black to complement a widely varied color scheme. The words “Whipped Body Butter,” however, are white and highlighted against the same shade of pink seen among the sprinkles. The pink bar also creates the illusion of a divider, calling attention to the nature of the product without competing against the brand name.

Take advantage of space
The space on the lid is used to market the product from another angle. Adding a design and text that matches the label on the container ties it all together.

Take advantage of space

To make the packaging more dynamic, we utilized the space on the lid by adding a round, glossy white label. We incorporated the “Sweet Treats for Your Skin” catchphrase in a circular text to complement the label shape, and tossed in more sprinkles for a finishing touch. The lid labels not only match the container label, they can also be used on other forms of packaging—such as shipping boxes—to sweeten the consumer experience.

A tasteful turnout

Now, thanks to two playful font choices, a pastel color palette, and a second label on the lid, Carletta’s body butter design is positively delicous. .

“They look so good and very professional,” says Carletta. “My favorite part is the colorful sprinkles, [as well as] the top label that was added. My customers enjoy my products, but they especially love our labels. This is a perfect way to showcase my products, which is based on [a] fun and sweet image.” As for Carletta’s retail clients? “[They] love colorful products. Now that we have a new label, our product will stand out even more.”

Learn more about Body Cande at their Etsy store.

Author: Melanie Neff

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