Make Personalized Magnets and Mousepad

Impress your friends and co-workers with your creativity by making your own personalized magnets and mouse pad.

  1. Open Template
    Open the template for the Magnet Sheet.
  2. Personalize
    Add in personal photos and/or text.
  3. Print
    Print on Avery Magnet Sheets.
  4. Cut Out Magnets
    Carefully cut out the magnets with scissors or a craft knife. To create a photo frame magnet, cut out the framed area of the magnet and place your favorite photo behind it. Use magnets on your file cabinet or message board.
  5. Open Template
    Open the Mousepad template.
  6. Personalize
    Replace the text boxes with your company logo and/or your favorite photo(s).
  7. Reverse Image
    “Flip” the image (so text or image looks reversed) in your printer and print on Avery T-Shirt Transfers.
  8. Get Plain Mousepad
    Purchase a plain, light-colored mousepad.
  9. Trace Shape
    Trace the mousepad shape onto the T-Shirt Transfer printout. Cut out with scissors.
  10. Iron on Transfer
    Follow the simple directions in the package to iron the transfer onto the mousepad.

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