10 Company Picnic Ideas to Make Your Event a Success

Free Avery templates and ideas for company picnic lunches, icebreakers and more

There are many reasons to host a company picnic outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. For example, sunlight itself has tons of health benefits that may help your team be more productive.

On top of that, being out in nature also enhances well-being. In fact, it may even have an impact on creativity among professionals. So a picnic outdoors might just be the boost your team needs.

In order to make sure your event goes smoothly, we’ve rounded up our best company picnic templates and tips. From packing lunches, treats, and favors to a printable picnic agenda template, we’ve got you covered.

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1) Branding for company picnic lunches

Company picnic idea for a boxed picnic lunch with branding. Two cardboard lunch boxes are shown on blue checkered paper. Each box has a custom logo sticker on the front and a welcome tag with the company's logo on it.

Inexpensive cardboard lunch boxes are friendly to your company picnic budget. However, they can get boring.

Add your own branded labels for a custom look without the custom price.

Order printable 2 inch round labels by the package (22807), by the sheet, or custom printed.

Close up shot of a branded lunch box. There is an Avery printable tag 22802 tied on the box and the tag features a company picnic template printed on it.

Tags are a quick and easy way to add branding to any container because you can simply tie them on and go.

Our free pre-designed company picnic template is editable. As a result, you can add your own company logo and colors.

Order printable tags (22802) or custom printed tags.

3) Food labels for picnic lunches

Examples of free Avery templates used to make custom labels for food items in pre-packed lunches. Featuring Avery 2 1/2 inch round labels 22830.

Creating a company picnic menu that works for everyone can be tough. Specifically when you need to take into account allergies and dietary restrictions.

Label pre-packed food items with descriptions so that attendees can choose food that works for them.

Order blank 2 ½ inch round labels by the package (22830), blank round labels by the sheet, or custom printed round labels.

4) Icebreaker name badge game

Avery printable name badges 8395 printed with icebreakers to use for company picnic activities. The name badges each feature a green border that reads, "Hello, ask me about..." and then a different idea. For example, my favorite TV show, my secret talent, my favorite dance song and similar things.

Classic hand writable name tags are a must-have for large company picnics or events because many times employees’ families are invited to attend.

In order to get the conversation going, create custom icebreaker tags with fun questions. Fun questions are a useful activity because talking about things you like encourages team building and bonding.

Order printable name badges (8395) or custom printed name badges.

5) Company picnic agenda card

A company picnic agenda template shown printed on Avery printable postcard 8387 and arranged on a blue checkered paper.

Create a company picnic agenda that guests can carry around. Firstly, it gives attendees an idea of what to expect from the day.

Secondly, it can boost participation. You’ve already put in the hard work to plan fun company picnic games and activities. Now make sure that everyone is prepared to join in.

Order printable postcards (8387) or custom printed postcards.

6) Labels for self-serve side dishes

Two large apothecary jars, each filled with a side dishes. One is labeled "Fruit Salad," the other is labeled "Caesar Salad" using Avery oval labels 22829.

Buffet-style side dishes are a great way to let attendees craft their own picnic lunch.

If your company picnic menu includes self-serve options make sure they’re clearly labeled.

Order printable oval labels (22829), blank oval labels by the sheet or custom printed oval labels.

7) Dress up simple picnic drinks

Three Mason jars are filled with lemonade and decorated with lemonade tags and green striped paper straws. The Mason jars are arranged on a table with fresh lemons and more straws.

Lemonade is a summertime classic. Serving it in Mason jars is a high-impact low-cost idea for company picnics because you can add homespun flair.

Whether you buy it premade, add water to a mix, or make it from scratch, lemonade is relatively inexpensive. Simply serve in Mason jars with fun tags and colorful paper straws.

Order printable round scallop tags (80511) or custom printed tags.

8) Company picnic s’more kits

A cardboard box filled with ingredients to make s'mores, including graham crackers, a Hershey's chocolate bar and marshmallows. On the front of the box is a square Avery label 22816 that reads, "We Need S'more Employees Like You."

Create personal s’more kits for a fun company picnic activity.

First, add branding to packaged ingredients. Then add a special message using our s’mores company picnic template.

Order printable square labels (22816), blank square labels by the sheet or custom printed square labels.

9) Eco-friendly reusable water bottles

Close up of a bright blue reusable metal water bottle with a company logo decal on it. In the background are branded picnic lunch items.

Reusable water bottles awesome employee gifts to hand out at a company picnic. Firstly, they’re always useful. More importantly, they’re more eco-friendly than single-use plastic.

Want to go fully green for your company picnic? Browse a variety of printable and custom printed eco-friendly labels.

10) Vinyl die-cut logo stickers

Eight Avery die-cut vinyl stickers with a company logo on them are laid out on a rustic burlap background.

Logo stickers make great company picnic swag because everyone loves stickers.

Additionally, handing out logo stickers helps boost employee engagement. Displaying them allows employees to identify themselves as part of the team.

Upload your logo to order die-cut logo stickers in minutes

Make your next company picnic a success

A few simple ideas and free Avery templates make it easy to plan a successful picnic outing with your team. This is important because getting out and enjoying sunshine and nature is a great way to boost productivity.

Use our free Avery Design and Print Online software to get started customizing your own labels, tags, and cards now.

Start with adding branded labels and tags to inexpensive cardboard lunch boxes. Then label pre-packed foods and self-serve side dishes so that attendees can choose food that works for them.

Icebreaker name badges and a printed agenda help attendees get more out of your company picnic. For example, icebreakers encourage team bonding and an agenda boosts participation.

Add flair to your company picnic with Mason jar drinks, personal s’more kits, and, of course, free swag. Reusable water bottles are a nice eco-friendly touch and vinyl die-cut stickers can be made in just minutes with the Avery WePrint® service.

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