How to Create Memorable Business Cards

It’s easy to create business cards that stand out from the crowd. All you need are Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards and Design & Print Online. Just follow these simple, step-by-step directions. In no time at all, you’ll have business cards that are professional, memorable, and uniquely you.

Step 1. Get Started

Go to Avery Design & Print Online and select Create Project By Product Type.

Step 2. Select Product Category

Select Business Cards category, enter the product number or description, or scroll down and choose from the product listing. Once you’ve selected your product, click Next.

Step 3. Select an Avery Template to Customize

You’ll find a variety of template options to choose from, including blank and pre-designed templates. Click on the template you want to use and it will take you to the next screen.

Step 4. Personalize Your Information

Zoom in and customize the front side of your business card. Import graphics from the clip art gallery or images from your personal files. Customize your font style, font size and text alignment. You can also easily add, delete, move and re-size graphics and text, making it simple to create a card that is unique and memorable.

Step 5. Customize the Back Side of Your Business Card

Click on the Back of Sheet button to customize the back side of your business card.
Again, you can edit text and add or delete images. You can easily flip back and forth between the front and back side of your card to review your designs. Once you’re done designing both sides of your business card, click Next.

Step 6. Print Your Project

We recommend that you click View Instructions before printing. After reading the instructions, click Print Your Project to print. To save your project, click Next.

Step 7. Save Your Project

Click Save Your Project to download and save your project in the Avery Design & Print Online format.
Your project will be saved on your computer in the Avery Design & Print Online format (*.avery). This will allow you to open and edit this project in the future using Avery Design & Print Online. If you are renaming your project when saving, be sure to include .avery at the end of the new file name.

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