How to Celebrate the Last Day of School at Home

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The last day of school is one of the best days of the year for kids. However, as we all know, this school year is winding down in a different way and it can be easy for that magical last day of school feeling to get lost while your kids are distance learning or homeschooling. Make sure that both you and your kids celebrate this special moment at home with some fun activities and handcrafted memorabilia.

If your kids are a little older and graduating, we also have a great guide on how to celebrate their high school or college graduation at home.

Last Day of School Activities

The last day of school is a momentous occasion and this year we know it is extra special for many reasons. Make sure that the last day of school stands out by commemorating it with fun projects and activities that both you and your kids will enjoy.

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Protect your signs with self-adhesive laminating sheets (73603)

A picture can say a thousand words, but a little extra commentary can make your photos so much more sentimental and meaningful. After all, this isn’t just another day of assignments, this is a well-earned celebration for both you and your kids.

A great project to help you and your kids remember this day is by helping them to design a “Last Day of School” sign to hold in that mommy-mandated “Last Day of School” photo. This is a sweet and sentimental project that will help them reflect on the past school year and will also make it very handy to remember what they were like when looking through these photos in the future. For example, you could have them list their favorite school subject, their favorite school memory and what school they were attending.

Try out our easy “Last Day of School” sign template to help get your kids started. We also made sure that you could make your own sign with a version of the sign for parents.

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Capture every detail of these unprecedented times with a DIY time capsule binder (17002)

According to Nick Yablon, an associate professor of history at the University of Iowa, “Time capsules allow us to step back from our complex and often overwhelming present to sketch its essential outlines.” Although your kids might not appreciate it right now, they are living through a pivotal point in history that their own kids will ask them about in the future. A time capsule will help take a priceless snapshot of who they are in this moment of their life.

Help your kids create their own DIY time capsule binder with our ½” ring binders, sheet protectors and our predesigned time capsule templates.

Throw a “Last Day of School” Party

Alright, now that you’ve preserved this moment and taken photos, it’s time to party! Remember when you were in school and how much you would look forward to that beautiful final day as every last minute counted down? Give both you and your kids a chance to celebrate the end of the school year and breathe in that fresh, summer air from a safe distance.

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Preserve your own official-ish homeschool diplomas with laminating sheets (73603)

Mark your child’s last day of homeschool with a homemade diploma! Use our custom homeschool diploma template to design your own certificate with a fun school name for your home. You can even add a real, gold foil starburst label to give your diplomas that extra official-looking touch.

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Make your cupcakes sweeter with cupcake toppers using 2″ circle labels (22817)

Give your party some extra flavor with delicious treats like cupcakes. Having your kid’s favorite snack ready for them is the perfect way for them to savor the end of an especially challenging school year. Add an encouraging note as a garnish with our festive templates for circle labels and scallop round labels.

But also feel free to indulge yourself and have your own favorite snacks or drink ready. We know that being a stay-at-home teacher, parent and worker is a tough job and the last day of school at home is the perfect time to practice some self care and give yourself a reward.

After the Last Day of School

However, there’s an equally important day that shouldn’t be overlooked just after the last day of school: The First Day of Summer. Make sure that their first day of summer break does not end up feeling like just another day at homeschool and make sure to give your kids the space they need to play. This is a great time to find ways to make your house feel less like a school and more like a home again.

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“Last Day of School” Sign for Kids (Green)

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“Last Day of School” Sign for Parents (Pink)

COVID-19 Time Capsule Binder Templates

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Certificate of Completion (Pink)

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