How to Add Sequential Numbering to Your Print Projects

Are you creating raffle tickets, event tickets, membership cards or vouchers and want each ticket to have a unique identification number? We got you.

With the free Avery Design & Print software, you can design your tickets and add sequential numbering to your print projects, in ascending or descending order. We’ll show you how.

  1. Start your project on and enter the product number for Avery Tickets with Tear-Away Stubs, which is 16154.

  2. Select “Start Designing.”

  3. Pick the layout for your ticket design. Avery Tickets have two parts, the main body of the ticket and the stub, so you can choose the layout you prefer: with the stub on the top, bottom, left or right of the ticket.

  4. Next, select a blank or pre-designed template.

  5. Customize your ticket design with text and other images.

  6. After you customize design, click the “More” button on the left and click on “Sequential Numbers.”

  7. Next, define the unique identifier for the numbering on your tickets. Choose between numbers or letters, set the start value and end value, and how the values increment. Check the box if you’d like to include leading zeros.

    You can also add characters or words before or after the numbers in the Prefix and Suffix boxes.

  8. Next, click the button “Add Sequential Numbers” to add the numbers block to your project, and position the numbers where you’d like them to appear. The system will automatically create as many pages as you need for the number of tickets you’ve defined.

  9. After you position and format your number block, make sure it’s selected and copy it by clicking the button on the toolbar.

  10. Navigate to the ticket’s corresponding stub, paste it, and adjust its position as necessary. The numbers will now appear on all tickets and all stubs.