Color Coded Dots and Labels Get Attention

Use special message labels and colored dots to call attention to important documents or other information.

Color Coded Dots and Labels Get Attention

Step 1: Apply Labels with Special Messages

Apply labels with special messages on your documents to identify and highlight areas that need special or immediate attention.

Step 2: Create a Color-Coded System

You’ll never forget an important meeting or event when you use multicolored dots to create a color-coded system. Find a calendar you can use that provides enough room for you to write your schedule and add the colored dots.

Step 3: Assign Dots to Tasks

Create a ledger at the top of the calendar or in the margin using the different colored dots for instant recognition of details important to you.

Step 4: Place Dots on Your Calendar

Place dots on your calendar to remind you at a glance of items that need to be taken care of or are top priority.