9 Back-to-Learning Tips

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Give your kids a fresh start during this unique back-to-school season

While back-to-school may look different this fall, you can still help your kids get back to learning and thrive in the new school year. Whether that means full time distance learning, learning in a classroom or some combination of the two.

From setting up study spaces, easing transitions and keeping schools supplies disinfected, to encouraging creativity, you can make learning fun, organized and less stressful for the whole family. Get a fresh start with these 9 tips for organizing and inspiring your kids to get back to learning.

camilas at home binder highlighter school supplies in metal supply cart
Organize information and school supplies in easily accessible locations. Use a durable binder and plastic dividers (Avery 79722 & 16740) to organize important info. Use magnetic business cards (Avery 8374) to organize school supplies in a metal cart.

Organize your at-home distance learning space and school supplies

The popular saying “no mess, no stress” is not just a cleaning mantra. In an article for Psychology Today, Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D. lists eight ways clutter can cause stress including inhibiting creativity, causing frustration and making it more difficult to focus.

Help your kids focus and make distance learning less stressful with tips for organizing your at-home distance learning space.

1) Create an at-home distance learning binder. If it feels like your kids ask for the class login roughly between ten and ten million times a day, you’re not alone. Try gathering all the information your kids need for distance learning in a stay-at-home binder using our customizable binder cover template.

Here’s a good starting list for what to include in your binder:

  • School calendar
  • Password for your school’s preferred video chat app
  • Instructions for logging into your kid’s virtual classroom
  • Instructions for electronic work submissions
  • Completed work that was scanned or electronically submitted

2) Set up a homework station. Keeping school supplies organized, especially supplies shared by siblings can be a challenge. Turn an ordinary metal cart and plastic cups into a mobile or stationary “homework command center” with printable magnetic business cards and round labels for the cups.

Try our free rainbow-themed magnetic card template to label the cart’s shelves. Fill it with school supplies using our easy-to-shop clickable back-to-school lists for all ages.

clean organized bright fun desk for kids with inbox outbox back to school idea to help you get organized for distance learning plus diy wall schedules for kids and colorful binder covers
Organize school papers with an inbox/outbox system. Plastic document sleeves, and repositionable tabs make it easy to see what needs to be done (Avery 72262 and 74150). Use our free calendar templates to keep track of everyone’s schedule.

Make it easy to transition between distance learning and learning at school

Many schools are still determining whether classes will be online, in person or a combo of the two. Building flexibility into your back-to-school organization and school supplies can help you and your kids handle whatever changes come along.

Tackle transitions between distance learning and learning at school like a pro with these tips to prepare school supplies and get organized ahead of time.

3) Setup an inbox/outbox system. It works at the office, and it can work at home too. Use an adjustable file rack, document sleeves, tabs and permanent markers for labeling incoming and outgoing school papers. Our free templates for 2″ x 4″ repositionable labels are perfect for labeling individual folders.

Not only will an inbox/outbox keep your kids’ school forms and other papers organized, but it’s also a great opportunity to leave an encouraging note to help start their day off right.

4) Create highly visible schedules. A dry-erase weekly calendar for each kid makes it easy to keep track of study schedules, online and in-person classes, due dates for assignments and more. Make your own by laminating one of our free calendar templates with 9” x 12″ adhesive laminating sheets that are easy to write on, erase and post on the wall or fridge.

light wooden table with avery school supplies featuring avery labels that are safe for disinfectants next to kids school stuff including backpack sweatshirt and face mask all labeled with avery machine washable fabric labels
Make sure you can disinfect school supplies. Think outside of the box with chemical-resistant industrial ID labels (Avery 61501) for hard surface school supplies. Use machine-washable labels for face masks, back packs, clothing and other soft items (Avery 40720)

5) Be ready to disinfect school supplies. Durable school supplies you can wipe down with common household disinfecting wipes will be essential in the coming school year. School supplies will also need to be kept separate from other students’ items while at school.

It will be important to have labels you can actually clean on your kid’s school supplies, clothing, face masks and lunch containers.

6) Color-code school supplies. Color-coding school supplies by subject makes it easy for your kids to stay organized and just “grab & go” on the way out the door. Try using customizable binder templates to color-code binders so it’s easy to transition from home to school any time.

bright fun school supplies personalized with avery templates for diy laptop stickers water bottle and phone next to a teacher gift full of colorful avery school supplies in a custom tote made with avery fabric transfers
Help your kids express themselves and practice gratitude. Make your own DIY decals like the ones seen here with our awesome free template and Avery 61512. Create a big “thank you gift” for teacher using fabric transfers (Avery 3271) and our free tote bag template.

Support your student emotionally with positivity and encouragement

7) Encourage self-expression. Personalizing school supplies is a great way to let your kids express themselves. DIY decals are really fun to make and can be used for personalizing just about anything, from reusable water bottles and cell phone cases to binders, laptops and even study spaces.

Show older kids how to use our free online software to personalize school supplies with labels, stickers, binder inserts and more. They’ll have a blast designing their own creations. Get younger kids involved by letting them help pick out colors and graphics.

8) Practice gratitude. According to an article in Psychology Today, the benefits of practicing gratitude can range from strengthening relationships, to sleeping better and improving self-esteem. Lead by example and help your kids put together a big over-the-top “thank you gift” for their teacher.

Create a curated teacher-appreciation gift full of school supplies for teaching at home or in the classroom, as well as “just for fun” treats. Pull it all together with a thoughtful card and personalized packaging. One of our favorite ideas is creating a custom tote bag to fill with school supplies and other goodies.

Here’s some ideas for school supplies and other items to get you started on your teacher gift bag:

Aside from traditional gifts for teachers that you can ship or drop off, you can also consider electronic gift cards for items your kids’ teacher can enjoy digitally or have delivered. For example, an audiobook subscription, gift cards for streaming entertainment services or pay for a month or two of a chocolate subscription box.

9) Find virtual inspiration. Take a virtual museum tour with your kids and help them connect the art to their social studies lessons. Help them explore exciting topics like coding, business and engineering as well as arts and culture with free or low-cost online classes for kids.

Discover more back-to-school resources & school supplies for students

The new school year will be unique for sure, but with a little planning you can help your kids thrive. Make it easy to get back to learning with clutter-free study spaces for distance learning, school supplies that ease the transition from home to school, and of course, lots of positivity and encouragement.

For more ways to help make learning fun, organized and less stressful for your family, check out our helpful study tips for teens and fun back-to-school template galleries.

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Printable Magnetic Business Cards, 2″ x 3-1/2″ (8374)
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