5 Office Organization Ideas to Start the Year off Right

color coded office organization idea shown on a clean professional cubicle desk with coffee cup and other work accessories

5 Office Organization Ideas to Start the Year off Right

Basic office organization is key to working efficiently on a day to day basis. The new year is the perfect opportunity to try out new work office organization ideas to set yourself up for success. Clear your space to make way for fresh perspectives that boost creativity and productivity.

Try these five easy organization ideas to help you make the most of your office and desk space.

close up of a neat and tidy desk with labeled mason jars for office organization and other work items including a laptop marker white board and decorative cactus lamp

Mason jars labeled with Avery 8163 are an easy desk organization idea.

1) How to organize your desk with custom labels

The best office organization supplies keep your desk tidy and allow you to find what you need when you need it— no wasted time digging through drawers or other storage. Using mason jars is a simple desk organization idea that’s easy to execute and makes it easy to see supplies.

Add customized labels to your mason jars so you can easily tell what goes in the jar when it’s empty and time for a refill.

expense report folder with receipt and monthly divider tabs for expert office organization

Keep expense receipts organized with Avery 11127 dividers and 75540 sheet protectors.

2) Organize receipts for easy expense reporting

When it comes to office organization, the aesthetics of keeping your work space neat and tidy is just the beginning. You can also use office organization supplies to get organized in less visual ways, such as keeping your budget on track.

Keeping track of your receipts as you go (instead of waiting until the last minute) is an office organizing hack that can actually help you stay on budget. Use monthly dividers and sheet protectors to create one dedicated place to store all your expense receipts for easy accounting and expense reporting.

close up of organized desk supplies with white board calendar and Avery color coding labels with color code key

Organize for time management with Avery 5472 labels and 5388 index cards

3) Master your calendar with this office organization tip

One of our favorite office supplies for organization are color coded labels. Use removable color coded labels on your desk calendar to help boost time management. Color coding different types of activities on your calendar makes it easy to gauge time commitments at a glance.

well organized file folders with clean easy to read printed file folder labels

Organize your file cabinets with Avery 8366 printable file folder labels

4) The best office organization supplies for file cabinets

If you’ve got physical files to store, properly labeled folders are a must for office organization. Ideally, file folders should be neatly labeled with text that’s easy to read so you can efficiently retrieve important files.

Add another level of efficiency to your filing system with our printable file folder labels featuring TrueBlock® technology. TrueBlock labels completely cover everything underneath so your text is easy to read and there’s no need to damage folder tabs trying to peel off old labels.

clear plastic tiered paper tray labeled for office organization

Label paper trays with Avery 5160 address labels

5) Simple office organization to keep your in paperwork in order

Keep track of incoming bills, outgoing correspondence and ready-to-file items by creating a clear process for sorting paperwork that comes across your desk. Well-labeled paper trays are a simple, but very effective, aspect of office organization.

simple work desk organization idea with white board and dry erase markers neatly arranged on a cubicle desk

Keep your to-do list updated with Avery 24409 dry erase markers

Bonus! Keep your day organized with a whiteboard to-do list

A great item to add to your office organization checklist is a white board and dry erase markers. Use your white board to keep track of ongoing projects or update it daily. Taking a moment to write out your to-do list for the day is an effective way to get focused as soon as you arrive to work.

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