4 Smart Back-to-School Teacher Ideas for Your Classroom

Teachers preparing for back-to-school know that the impression your classroom makes can set the tone for the whole school year. The ideal classroom invites students and parents to participate in the learning process, shows that you care about your students and establishes an expectation for orderly, respectful behavior.

The best back-to-school classroom ideas for teachers cover all these bases and set you up for a stress-free first week. Try these fun and practical classroom projects before heading back to school to help students, parents, and yourself smoothly transition into the new school year.

neon tabs on color coded seating chart
Fun neon back to school tabs, Avery 74762

Organize Your Back-to-School Plan

Repositionable tabs and dividers with customizable tables of contents are extremely useful back-to-school teacher resources.

Remove the pressure to find everyone a place to sit, and the extra work of recording seating assignments on the first day. Use Avery® Ultra Tabs® Repositionable Mini Tabs to plan your seating chart before your students arrive. You can remove and replace the tabs as often as needed until your seating cart is just right.

One of the most simple, yet effective teacher ideas for back-to-school is to prepare a grading folder ahead of time. This ensures you’ll have a neat, orderly place to record grades as soon as the first assignments are returned to you.

Avery Ready Index® dividers come with preprinted 1-31 tabs and a customizable table of contents. Use free table of content templates to print your full class list with a divider for each student.

Welcome Your New Class to a New Year

Creating murals and banners are fun back-to-school ideas for teachers to welcome their new students. Using bright neon colors is gives your room a sense of energy that helps get your students excited to come to class.

You can easily make your own big bold welcome sign with Avery High-Visibility Shipping Labels. Print one letter on each sheet and you’re ready to stick your message pretty much anywhere. Bright fun neon colors really make it pop.

Download free blank templates for these labels so you can easily place letters right where you need them to be, so they print perfectly the first time.

student desks with name labels and colorful school supplies
Create your own fun desk name labels, Avery 94250

Structure Your Classroom to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

The scariest thing for students heading back to school is not knowing what to expect. Visual cues that clearly communicate your classroom structure help set your new students at ease.

It’s important to make sure your classroom rules are clearly posted can be seen anywhere in the classroom. Avery Marks-A-Lot® permanent markers (which are low odor and nontoxic) are ideal for writing large-format messages and a back-to-school must-have for teachers. 

Another great idea for back-to-school for teachers to try is setting your seating chart and labeling desks ahead of time. Students will instantly feel like they belong and understand they’re expected to sit in assigned seats. Kids love to see their name printed— Avery blank rectangle labels are perfect to use to print desk labels with fun designs.

Create your own cheerful desk labels with this fun star design template.

Make Back-to-School Night Easier for Parents

Encouraging open communication between parents and teachers is vital to students’ success and one reason back-to-school night is so important. Exchanging parent and teacher information via a sign-in station and printed teacher info cards are extremely useful teacher ideas for back-to-school night.

Place a station near the entrance to your classroom with three sheets to welcome parents as they arrive for back-to-school night: sign in sheet, email list, and teacher conference sign ups. Use Avery table tent cards to make sure each sheet’s purpose is clearly communicated. 

Printed teacher information cards are more convenient for parents than copying down information from the board. Use Avery blank postcards to neatly print your information so parents don’t have to worry about illegible handwriting or copying mistakes.

Try these design templates for teacher-themed tent cards and teacher info cards at your next back-to-school night.

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