How to Throw the Best Company Picnic

company picnic with labeled food items

Planning the next group outing for your business? A company picnic is a fantastic way to get everyone out of the building and into some fresh air and sunshine. In order to make sure your event goes smoothly, we've planned out everything you need to put together tidy and prepackaged box lunches. We also thought of some neat treats and favors you can hand out at the event.

Making personal picnic baskets

individually packed potato chips with round labels
Keep track of your food and snacks with round labels (22830)

The first thing you should do is write down what you would like to have in each boxed lunch and make sure you're going to be able to stay within your budget. Remember to factor in a few extra boxes in case people decide to bring their friends or family. During this planning stage, don't forget to include vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free lunch options.

These food labels are a clever way to keep track of how many boxes you'll need to have. You'll be able to quickly count each sheet to see how many of each item has been made and how many are left. They can also be a subtle way to reinforce your company theme. Does your business have a certain color scheme or font? This can be a terrific opportunity to see how they look outside of a business setting.

Click here for the round food label template.

hello my name is name tags icebreaker
Print out gag name tags with adhesive name badges (8395)

What corporate event is complete without team-building activities? Whether you're organizing a small tournament of “Minute to Win It" games or a lengthy relay race, team-building games are surefire ways to get people out of their shells. Start off the fun early with these name badges with icebreaker questions. These questions are a clever way to loosen everyone up and get them ready to compete.

Click here for the “Hello, ask me about…" name badge template.

company picnic timeline of events schedule
Organize your events clearly and easily with matte white postcards (8387)

Classic team-building games include events like scavenger hunts, office trivia and blind drawing challenges. But you can also create a quick tournament using challenges that take under a minute to complete. This can include activities like cup stacking, bottle flipping, rock-paper-scissors, tic-tac-toe and more. We would recommend printing out a timeline of events to let people know what's coming up next. Add these handy cards into each box lunch so that everyone is on the same page.

Click here for the “Timeline of Events" card template.

picnic basket with blue tablecloth and apple
Assemble everything together to see how your theme looks

Before you begin buying all of the food and supplies, make one box as a test to see how everything goes together. Does all of the food fit into the box you're planning to use? Do the colors work well together? Are the boxes easily transportable? These boxes don't just represent lunch, they also represent how much thought you put into your business. You'll want to make sure that you're leaving a positive impression.

doggy bag for leftovers with tags
Add some extra flair with printable tags with strings (22802) and glossy round labels (22817)

Once you're done planning, shopping and purchasing, it's finally time to put everything together. Try to find some people around the office to lend a helping hand. This can be another team-building activity while also creating office chatter in anticipation for the event. They may also suggest some last-minute ideas or catch mistakes.

Click here for the picnic box tag decoration template.

Click here for the picnic box company label template.

Treats and Party Favors

fruit and caesar salad in jars
Add a touch of elegance to your side dishes with oval labels (22829)

You can apply the colors and theme of your company to your side dishes as well. This is another small way to display the thought and preparation that has gone into your event while also being helpful.

Click here for the oval side dish label template.

lemonade in mason jar with paper straws
Give your drinks more flavor with scallop round tags (80503)

Bring a little homespun flair to your drinks with mason jars and a few personal touches. You can take these up a notch with paper straws, braided string and scallop tags. These jars make for great mementos and future pen holders as well.

Click here for the lemonade tag template.

smores for the campfire care package
Leave a cute and inspirational message with print-to-the-edge square labels (22816)

But wait, there's s'more! Close out your party with these sweet, mini-sized dessert boxes. This s'more kit is great whether or not you have a campfire since each piece is absolutely delicious on their own.

Click here for the “We Need S'more Employees Like You!" template.

custom water bottle labels
DIY decal sheets (61512) are great for making instant personalized gifts

Our decal sheets are the ideal way to take any item and turn it into a product that looks custom-ordered. This polyester material is water resistant and tear resistant while also being easily removable. Whether you want to add a personal touch to prizes or hand out the stickers themselves, these versatile sheets are a perfect way to add branding to any gift.

Click here for the custom decal sheet template.

company logo stickers

Want to go the extra mile? Take a look at our WePrint service and see how our expert team can print these labels for you. Our professional-grade printers ensure that your labels come out perfectly aligned with our excellent print quality.

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Box Lunch Decoration Tags
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Side Dish Label
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