5 Quick and Easy Office Organization Hacks

various, colorful Avery Ultra Tabs on upper right-hand Mac computer screen corner with reminder notes

Declutter your workspace and improve your efficiency with these clever office organization ideas using Avery products. Labels, Ultra Tabs® and markers are all you need to try out these brilliant life hacks. You can also use these ideas and products as a springboard for imagining your own desk organization ideas.

1.) Eye-catching Reminder Tabs

Keep tabs on important notes with repositionable Ultra Tabs (74753)

Is there something that keeps slipping your mind? For some people it's an extension number or a shortcut key or an important date. Make sure to keep these details within your view with colorful, repositionable Ultra Tabs on the edge of your monitor. Ultra Tabs are great office organization supplies and are available in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes.

2.) Check File Folders at a Glance

three file folders — one in dark blue, one in blush pink, and one in sage green laying flat on bright blue desk next to Mac

Clearly list file folder contents with shipping labels (94215)

A brilliant file folder hack is to write down the contents of the folder on to a label on the front. Avery shipping labels with TrueBlock® material blocks out everything underneath the label so that you can easily place one over the other without having the previous list bleed through. Ultra fine tip Marks-A-Lot™ markers also work perfectly for clean and compact writing.

Click here for the file folder contents label template.

3.) Color Coding To-do Lists

Small color coding label sheet next to a to do checklist with labels on bright blue desk next to a plant

Streamline your tasks with color coding labels (5795)

It's easy for a plain, black and white to-do list to blend into the background of your desk. Adding round color coding labels is a fantastic way to bring color into your routine while also making it easier for you to parse your schedule visually. If you're interested in creating your own color coding system take a look at our article on how to improve your day with color coding for some great office organizing ideas.

4.) DIY Hanging File Folder Tabs

gold alligator clips with labels on the bottoms clipped face down onto blue, tan and red file folders on bright blue desk

Create top-view tabs with binder clips and clear rectangle labels (94208)

Skip the work of scouring through hanging file folder tabs by creating your own top-view tab markers. Print onto clear labels and center them on the top of binder clips for improved tabs that are easier to view. Clear labels are also great for marking your supplies, addressing envelopes and creating your own DIY labels.

5.) Easy Cable Management

white barbell shaped labels wrapped around five black and white cables on bright blue desk

Always choose the right cable with the help of barbell labels (94749)

Every charging cable looks the same behind your desk and it’s easy to lose track of which one is which. Barbell labels are ideal for identifying cables since they are easy to wrap around, will stick in one place without sliding and allow you print out double-sided tags.

Bonus: Webcam Security

Mac computer screen webcam covered with tiny yellow dot label for privacy with Avery Design and Print Online in use on screen

Add an extra layer of privacy with ¼" round labels (5795)

Concerned about your privacy? An extra use for round color coding labels is to block out your webcam so that it only works when you need it. They're also easily removable to keep your screen clean or if you feel like changing up the color.

Interested in creating your own DIY office hacks? Browse through our various blank label shapes and sizes to find the right labels for your office. Blank labels can be ordered in a variety of materials in the exact quantity you need whether it’s one sheet, a thousand or more.

Products used in this article:


2" x 1-1/2" Ultra Tabs (74753)

3-1/3" x 4" TrueBlock Shipping Labels (8164 / 94215)

¼" Removable Color Coding Labels (5795)

2/3" x 1-3/4" Clear Return Address Labels (15695 / 94208)

½" x 2-1/2" Barbell Jewelry Labels (94749)