California Supply Chain Transparency Act Statement

Avery Products Corporation (“Avery”) recognizes its social and legal responsibility to address risks of slavery and human trafficking in its product supply chain. As a condition of doing business with us, we require that all of our suppliers comply with our Supplier Standards Compliance (“Standards”), which include, among other things, the prohibition of the use of child and forced labor. Avery suppliers also agree to require the same of any subcontractor used in the manufacturing of Avery products or product components, and we actively collaborate and monitor suppliers to ensure this commitment is met. As a verification measure, we expect our suppliers to complete surveys, annually, and to respond truthfully and thoroughly to all labor inquiries contained therein. Further, we conduct announced on-site audits for our new suppliers prior to ordering products and, among other things, evaluate their working conditions during such audits. Avery maintains accountability standards and procedures for any employee or supplier determined to have failed to meet these requirements. This statement is submitted pursuant to the California Supply Chain Transparency Act (2010).