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Mac OS

It's easier than ever to create mailing labels with Mac® OS X Mavericks.

Martha Stewart Holiday Templates

Martha Stewart loves our holiday labels so much, she made some special templates specifically to use on Avery products.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft® Publisher is an easy-to-use desktop publishing software with lots of Avery templates built right in.

Microsoft Word

Easily print to over 200 Avery Templates in Microsoft® Word.

Microsoft Works

Microsoft® Works has over 70 Avery templates built right in.

Using Avery Templates with Third-Party Programs

Avery templates are built into hundreds of software programs so you may have Avery Templates on your computer already!


Use over 200 Avery Templates built into WordPerfect®.

11 - 17 out of 17 Results | Page: < 1 2

Avery Toolbar

The Avery Toolbar lets you get templates, tips and more--right from your web browser. Download it free today!