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Avery White Shipping Labels with Paper Receipts

Instead of waiting in line at the Post Office™, just go online—and get your packages ready to ship with Avery White Shipping Labels with Paper Receipts.

Five Shipping Tricks Every Business Should Know

Customized, professional-looking shipping packages can make your customers feel good about their purchases and your business, and help strengthen your company’s brand.

Four Tips for Shipping Smarter

Solve four sticky shipping problems with these surefire tips.

Labels FAQs

Browse through our most frequently asked questions regarding Avery Labels.

Readers’ Top Ten Mailing and Shipping Tips

Labels come in all shapes, sizes and uses. For tips on tackling the busiest mailing and shipping season of the year, we turned to our readers. Learn how they get the most out of their Avery Labels.

Basic Label and Paper Receipt

For all versions of Microsoft Word

Compatible Products:
5127, 5327, 8127, 88127

1 - 10 out of 17 Results | Page: 1 2 >

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